- yoU versus Universe

"uVu - yoU versus Universe" is a Growing Shoot'emUp with vast Incremental power Ups / size Ups / additional Weapons / time Extends.

You are Unbreakable, they are Unlimited. Which is stronger?
From your hometown to the end of the observable universe, the battle goes on.

-Grow bigger than mountains, the enemies can be larger than planets.

-Shoot weapons, unlock skills, use items,lead fellows, save princesses, enter portals.

-Conquer 1 billion universes fulfilled with legions of enemies and unique cosmic sceneries.

-Collect treasures called MEMENTO with unique perks.
(e.g. Boss timer slows 10%, shot power x1.25, etc.)

-Compare your skill in the daily unique universe. (GameAlpha:use the same spec fighter / GameBeta:use your own fighter)

-Share what you get in battles via any SNS or even via texting with Universal Links.

-mfi Controller support